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Reservation Process & Information

Room and space reservations are available on campus...

Union/Harriman Rooms & Fees

Fee Disclaimer
*The Theater/Ballroom Union Assistants are $20/hr.

Student Unions

Room numberCapacityPicturesFloor planUniversity FeesNon-University Fees
Atrium100  $100$200
Lobby350Pictures Floor Plan$300$500
Patio30  $200$250
Field350  $250$300
Outdoor Stage20  $100$150
Vendor4  $250$250
201 Theater350Pictures Floor Plan $200*$500*
210 (Landmark Room)75Pictures Floor Plan$100$200
215 Social Hall (Flag Room)175Pictures Floor Plan$100$200
22025  Floor Plan$50$100
25025Pictures Floor Plan$50$100
30620Pictures Floor Plan$50$100
31720Pictures Floor Plan$50$100
330 (Pride and Tradition)105Pictures Floor Plan$100$200
*Theater/Ballroom Manager - $20/hour

Room 145 - Multipurpose Room

Room numberCapacityPicturesFloor planUniversity FeesNon-University Fees
145 A50 Floor Plan$50$200
145 B100 Floor Plan$100$250
145 C45 Floor Plan$50$100
145 D30 Floor Plan$50$100
145 E20 Floor Plan$50$100
145 A&E or C&D100 Floor Plan$100$200
145 A&B&E or C&D&B150 Floor Plan$150$250
145 All Sections250Pictures Floor Plan$200$350

Harriman Student Center

Room numberCapacityPicturesFloor planUniversity FeesNon-University Fees
105 Ballroom300  $200*$500*
Harriman Lobby100  $100$150
Harriman Quad350  $100$150
*Theater/Ballroom Manager - $20/hour

Available hours: 8 am - 11 pm. Permitted events: cultural, dinners, performances, meetings, conferences, speakers, presentations, ceremonies, fundraisers, and awareness programs.

Additional Charges: all rooms are subject to additional set-up and clean-up charges:

ChargesUniversity GroupsNon-University Groups
Set-up Charges$20/hr$30/hr
Clean-up Charges$20/hr$20/hr
Extended Building Hours$20/hr$20/hr

For banquets held in the reservation spaces, an additional fee may be assessed to cover the cost of carpet cleaning.

Billing Policy

Organizations are charged for use of Student Unions space, equipment, and services according to the fee schedule presented in sections above. The Reservation Coordinator is responsible for billing the appropriate organization following use of Student Unions facilities.

If a bill remains unpaid after the initial billing period, follow up statements are sent to the organization every 30 days thereafter. Accounts 90 days past due will lead to a suspension of the organization's reservation privileges.

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